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JSON.stringify() error object replacer

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When we try to JSON.stringify() an error object, we will get an empty object {}. This is because the error object has no enumerable properties.

JSON.stringify(new Error("error")); // '{}'

To include the error message and stack trace, we can use a replacer function.

function errorReplacer(key, value) {
  if (value instanceof Error) {
    return {
      name: value.name,
      message: value.message,
      stack: value.stack,
  return value;

JSON.stringify(new Error("error"), errorReplacer); // '{"name":"Error","message":"error","stack":"Error: error\\n    at <anonymous>:12:16"}'

JSON.stringify(new SyntaxError("syntaxError"), errorReplacer); // '{"name":"SyntaxError","message":"syntaxError","stack":"SyntaxError: syntaxError\\n    at <anonymous>:13:16"}'